FANIA Friends T-Shirt
FANIA Friends T-Shirt

FANIA Friends T-Shirt

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This t-shirt has a classic boxy fit with thick cotton fabric to match the nostalgia of the rebels of latin music, La Fania.

• 100% cotton
• Pre-shrunk

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We're tired of brands that just type up a saying, and print it. You deserve to represent your culture better.

We take our time researching the latest trends and iterating until striking the balance between style and grace. Our merchandise is meant to be worn with pride, and we want the designs to live up to the occasion.


Our mission is to celebrate good people, la Buena Gente. The apparel is not what is important, it's the person wearing it.

We reflect the hospitality, life, joy, and love of the people of our land. The more humble the people are, the better time you'll be sure to have. By purchasing our merch, you are contributing to the movement: reflect, represent, and celebrate good people.